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We invite you on a fascinating journey through the capital of Slovenia - cosy Ljubljana. It is a compact European city, located on the banks of the Ljubljanica. According to ancient legend, Jason, the leader of the Argonauts, hiding from his pursuers from Colchis, after the abduction of the Golden Fleece, reached on the Danube and Sava to these places. Having come to grips with the dragon, who lived on the mountain, Jason defeated him. Since then, the dragon ("zmaj") is the symbol of Ljubljana.

During a sightseeing tour around Ljubljana you will see the main attractions of the city:

  • Ljubljana Castle (Ljubljanski grad), medieval castle located in the centre of Ljubljana on a hill with a magnificent view of the city
  • Town Square (Mestni Trg), an ancient centre of the city with the City Hall and the ancient Three Rivers fountain, made by architect Robb
  • Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the main cathedral of Ljubljana, which was built in the 18th century on the site of the burnt church
  • Bishop's Palace next to the cathedral
  • Triple Bridge - one of the symbols of Ljubljana - is three bridges across the Ljubljanica diverging as a fan, designed by Jože Plečnik, the most famous Slovenian architect
  • Franciscan Church near the Trehmostove on the Prešeren Square
  • Governor's palace, Gruber's palace, Kasin's palace - known Ljubljana palaces
  • Ljubljana churchs
  • The square of the French Revolution (monument to Napoleon, the theatre "Krizhanke", etc.)
  • Park and Castle Tivoli


We invite you also to the Ninebot (Seagway) tours around Ljubljana.  

We are waiting for you on a fascinating trip to the Slovenian capital!

We invite you on a trip to the pearl of Slovenia - alpline lakes Bled and Bohinj.

Lake Bled - the visiting card of Slovenia - a scenic lake with a small island in the middle, on which stands the church and the bell with the wish fulfilment ability. Above the lake towers the medieval castle, in which performances periodically take place.

In the area of the Bled lake one of the main attractions of Slovenia is located - the Vintgar gorge. This is a scenic gorge, the path through which runs along a mountain stream and ends with a magnificent waterfall. Walk through the gorge will not leave anyone apathetic, and after a walk, you can regale a freshly caught trout at a local restaurant.

Lake Bohinj - the largest lake in Slovenia - is of glacial origin, it enchants with its beauty in all seasons. You can also get a view of the lake from a height of the resort Vogel, which can be reached by cable car cabin. From the height of Vogel you will see not only the lake Bohinj but a panorama of the Julian Alps as well, and you can also go skiing in the winter time.

We invite you on a tour around this region, and you will feel the charm of the marvellous alpine lakes and mystique of the Slovenian Alps!

We offer you and your company the organization and holding of a corporate event in Slovenia.

Slovenia is a truly unique country for holding a corporate event. Compact location, "one step" accessibility to the main event content, relatively inexpensive service at European level - all this you can find only here in Slovenia.

Anniversary, conference, birthday, holiday for partners - all this we will be able to organize on turnkey basis, having a great experience of organizing and holding various kinds of corporate events.

Corporate event will unite your team, become a great motivation for further work of employees, strengthen relationships with partners, give another PR-occasion for media.

We offer you and your company the organization of conferences in Slovenia.

Conference in Slovenia is a European level. You will be able to adequately present a new product to your partners, to submit development plans for the next year, as well as efficiently communicate with partners in an informal atmosphere.

This conference will both serve as an excellent PR-occasion for mass-media and create or enhance your company's reputation on the market.

With many years of experience, we can provide you with the required level of service in the organization and holding of any event in Slovenia.

We invite you to an information tour around the districts of Ljubljana on purpose to get acquainted with the infrastructure of the capital of Slovenia. It will be useful to anyone who is going to Ljubljana for a residence permit or permanent residence. During an information tour you can see the districts of Ljubljana, visit schools, high schools, universities, see kindergartens and clinics, and as a result, choose the perfect place for your family to live.

We invite you to an information tour around the suburbs of Ljubljana on the purpose of familiarizing you with its infrastructure. It will be useful to anyone who is going to Ljubljana and its suburbs for a residence permit or permanent residence. During an information tour you will be able to get acquainted with such localities as Domžale, Shkoflitsa, Kamnik, Kranj, Škofja Loka, etc., visit schools, gymnasiums, see kindergartens and clinics, and as a result, choose the perfect place for your family to live.

We offer you the organization and conducting of fishing and hunting in Slovenia.

Due to its numerous and unspoilt rivers, Slovenia is a great place for fishing. You can catch trout by fly fishing, or go to sea with fishing crew.

Slovenian forests are a great opportunity for real hunting. You can hunt here on the chamois, roe deer, deer, mouflon and wild boar.

We offer you the organization of excursions along the wine routes of Slovenia.

Slovenia  is an amazing country, on its territory, many table grapes are grown, which then are used to produce excellent wines. During the tour along the wine routes, you will be able to learn all the nuances and differences between sorts of wine, taste wines such as Teran, Refoshk, Malvasia, Traminets, Cviček, Sauvignon and Aliquot. During the wine tasting, you will be able to visit the wine cellars of Goriška Brda, Vipavska Valley, Riverside, Dolenjska and Prekmurje regions. In Maribor, you will be able to see the world's oldest grapevine, which is more than 400 years old, and which still bears fruit.

We invite you to rafting and kayaking in Slovenia.

In Slovenia several beautiful and clean rivers flow, they attract lovers of extreme sports from around the world. For example, on the river Soca, which is known for its emerald hue, there are lots of schools where you can learn to do rafting or kayaking.

Varied terrain of river canyons allows to choose the most comfortable zone for rafting, and experienced instructors will make your adventure as safely as possible.

We invite you to fly on parachutes, gliders, small aircraft in Slovenia.

In Slovenia, there are many places where you will be able to fulfil your dream and make a flight on one of the aerial vehicles.

You may perform a single jump with a parachute or glider, or make the same jump in tandem with an instructor. You can control the glider or take to the air in a small plane. Beautiful views, high quality equipment and professional instructors - all this will leave a lasting impression on you for a long time.


Welcome to SLOVENTOUR.

Welcome to the heart of Europe and real dreamland - Slovenia! There are the Adriatic Sea, the Alps, the thermal spa, the cave region and much more - all no further than 1.5 hours of driving from the capital!!!

We offer:

Looking forward to seeing you at one of the most beautiful and hospitable countries in Europe!

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