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About Slovenia

Main facts about Slovenia
Key facts about Slovenia. Territory, ethnic composition, population density, religion, official language, form of government, the president, the capital, date of independence, the UN, NATO, EU, Eurozone, the Schengen area, time, phone code, internet domain, IOC code, registration car number, holidays
Practical information
How to get to Slovenia, customs control, institutions work time, Slovenian public transport, medicine in Slovenia, telephone communications, electricity, drinking water and food, special phone numbers of Slovenia, contacts of embassies and consulates
History of Slovenia
History of Slovenia: the prehistoric period, Slovenia as part of the Roman Empire, the colonization of the Eastern Alps by the Slavs, Slovenia as a part of Austria, Slovenia as a part of Yugoslavia, independent Slovenia
Slovenian culture
Slovenian writing, music in Slovenia, public cultural institutions, Slovenia architecture
Geografical features of Slovenia
Slovenian Alps, Karst limestone plateau, eastern Slovenia, Primorje, Slovenia, climate, flora and fauna of Slovenia
Map of attractions in Slovenia. Shows the main objects

Slovenia is a small, but wonderful country in the heart of Europe. It combines Alpine and Mediterranean climate zones, karst and plain area. The speed with which the landscape is changing during the travel around Slovenia, will never stop surprising you. For example, you admire the sea, and behind you - the mountains. You climb a mountainside, surrounded by dense forests, and a green plain stretches below. From alpine meadows your view reaches deep river canyons. The peculiarity of this cosy little country - the proximity of contrasts!

In Slovenia, there are a huge variety of natural monuments - in each of the climate zones. Slovenia also contains a wealth of architectural landmarks from different eras. To feel the homelike warmth and comfort you just need to walk around the small and cosy towns of Slovenia.

In Slovenia, you can walk around a national park or taste light and heady local Sauvignon. You can taste the bread you've baked yourself, open the secrets of beekeeping, meet the dawn at the alpine plateau. In Slovenia, you can enter the world of true nature!

Slovenia provides unlimited opportunities for its guests to experience themselves in dynamic and extreme forms of recreation. Unique country is open for everyone all year round, offering a variety of accommodation, activities and points of interests.

In Slovenia, people like and know how to cook well and tasty food. You will be able to appreciate the art of Slovenian chefs, after you try delicious local dishes, that taste like homemade.

Slovenia is a friendly and caring nation. You will feel and always remember the hospitality and warmth of this amazing and beautiful country!

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